6 reasons that projects fail - Project Management - Theory and Practice

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20 kwi 2020, 9:13
Hello, I d'like to quote somethig:
"Most project failures can be assessed using the same generalities. It helps to understand these because you can then be proactive in avoiding the problems to begin with. In this column, Tom Mochal talks about the six most common reasons behind project failure:

1. Poor up-front planning,
2. Incomplete or vague project workplan,
3. Weak ongoing project management discipline,
4. Inadequate resources,
5. People problems,
6. Lifecycle problems." Do you agree?


22 kwi 2020, 7:17
I disagree with #2. I'm mostly involved in IT business.
Things chance at such a pace that any rigid workplan will become unfavorable in the longrun.


22 kwi 2020, 20:09
I think that's a spot on list, and even as you may work in the internet business with a great PM these things are, while not completely avoidable, they are definitely able to be minimized and overcome rather quickly.

Point 1 on the list definitely deserves the 1st slot! That alone can change the whole progress and morale cycle of a job.


27 cze 2020, 8:03
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6 lip 2020, 9:17
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22 lip 2020, 11:31
I think that's a spot on list, and even as you may work in the internet business with a great PM these things are, while not completely avoidable, they are definitely able to be minimized and overcome rather quickly.
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27 lip 2020, 7:46
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