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24 sty 2022, 5:07
Electric hoists can be used in most production environments. However, for some special industries, such as resin, oil, natural gas, coal and other industries, normal electric hoists are not competent. The case we are going to share today is about explosion-proof electric hoist, which is used in the resin production industry in the Philippines.

Ronnie from Philippines found us through Google on July 10, 2020, and he is looking for a suitable electric hoist for his factory. Due to the particularity of the industry and working conditions, he needs an explosion-proof electric hoist.

Client’s company overview
The parent company of Ronnie's company was established in 1955, his company engaged in the business of manufacturing resins, plywood adhesives and coatings. It serves the domestic and international industries such as paint, ink, plywood and woodworking, handicraft, furniture and automobile, and fiberglass.

Explosion-proof electric hoist quotaion
Ronnie wrote us in the inquiry email:

Good afternoon.
Please quote for:

Electric travelling hoist
Capacity: 2 tons
Height: 12 meters
Voltage: 220 volts
Duty: working around explosive atmosphere, so electric motors are explosion proof

After studying the specific needs of the customer, we sent the explosion-proof electric wire rope hoist and explosion-proof electric chain hoist price to the customer according to the specifications of 2t-12m 220V 60Hz 3Phase. With the same parameters, explosion-proof electric chain hoist is much more expensive than explosion-proof wire rope hoist.

The customer submitted our explosion-proof hoist solution to the technical department. In the meantime, we have been waiting for the customer's reply. The customer received feedback from the technical department, requesting that the lifting weight be changed to 1 ton and asked us to update the quotation. After we updated the quotation, the customer modified the voltage to 440V 60Hz 3Phase and determined that the lifting capacity of 2 tons can meet their work needs, so we re-updated the electric hoist quotation.

In the end, the customer chose the explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist, which is more cost-effective than the explosion-proof electric chain hoist.

Why the customer choose us?
Explosion-proof Electric hoist can meet his needs
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2ton Explosion-proof Electric Hoist Used in Philippines Resins Industry
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