Has the PMP test lost its credibility? - PM Training / Education / Certification



7 kwi 2020, 7:03
Don't you think that PMP test is too easy? Doesn't it make it less valuable?
I set up this topic because I feel that passing PMP is far away from checking understanding of the knowledge of project management. I am not sure that PMP exam e.g. checks if people know how to schedule their projects.
What do you think of this? Should PMP test be rewritten?


9 kwi 2020, 19:40
In my opinion, PMP has lost its credibility a little. I am just writing why I think so.
Any certification for project managers is not essential. People (who are responsible for recruitment) sometimes ignore the certification and rely on their own feelings and observations. Job experience is also really profitable.

There is also another problem. Many people study hard to learn all PMP material. They go through examination and.... After few months they remember amost nothing.

That is why PMP can't be useful, sometimes.


10 kwi 2020, 8:28
There are only about 400,000 certified pmp's in the world (it is not huge amount of people!). I completely disagree with the thesis which was mentioned.
I don't want to tell you that PMP certification is a guarantee of a success. Everything depends on people - their experience, abilities, ideas, creativity... We won't know who is a good PM if we don't check him/her in action.


11 kwi 2020, 0:27
I have a PMP certificate and I don't like the criticism above. I know that everybody can have his/her own opinion but I have an impression that people who criticize don't know a lot about it.

I have been working as a project manager for many years. I did my PMP few years ago. All of my projects were successful but now I can see that these 'with PMP certificate' were better.

To conclude, If you don't have a PMP certificate (and you are a pm), let's go for it!
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