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24 sty 2022, 4:24
What affects your overhead crane price on crane buying? Overhead crane manufacturer cost is only one of the factors affecting overhead crane price. Know the factors to lower your overhead crane buying price.

Factors affects overhead crane price
Generally, overhead crane prices is affected by various factors. However, it is primarily governed by the overhead crane supply and demanding forces. That’s, overhead crane manufacturers capacity and the demand from terminal customers or crane operators governs the overhead crane price fluctuation over time. Besides the primary overhead crane price determining factor, there are secondary factors influence the prices of overhead cranes such as, overhead crane types, crane span length, lifting capacity of the overhead crane, crane duty cycle, overhead crane application or operation environment, and building structural conditions, etc.

Types of overhead crane
Due to the complex of application conditions, there are various types of overhead cranes designed to achieve the most suitable performances at cost-effective expenses. The selection of the overhead crane types will be determined by lifting requirements, overhead crane components, engineering design based on the application, etc. Configuration of overhead crane, such as, single girder overhead crane design or double girder overhead crane design? And, the choices of the main components,drivers, gearboxes, and motors, etc. Due to difference of overhead crane types, the cost of 5 ton overhead crane is not always higher than 2 ton overhead crane prices.

Overhead crane capacity / Maximum Rated load capacity
Crane capacity is the maximum load, applied to the overhead crane in a particular working configuration, and under a particular application conditions. 10 ton overhead crane price is obvious different with the 20 ton overhead cane price when the other specifications and factors are the same.

Span of the Overhead Crane
The longer the overhead crane span, the more steel material is needed for the production of overhead crane girders, and, the heavier the crane weight will be, and the higher of the overhead crane will be.

Crane lift height
Lift height is how high above the ground the loads needs to be raised.

Length of the Runway
The runway length is the largest contributor to the runway cost itself. This length can also play into the cost of the crane.

Crane service classification /Duty cycle
What type of crane classification is needed for your application? If you can not decide the crane duty cycle, please answer the following questions :

How frequently will the overhead crane be used?
How quickly will the overhead crane is supposed to transfer loads?
How many lifts per hour will the overhead crane is supposed to do?
Will the overhead crane be performed for regular or frequent work?
How far is the overhead crane used to move material in your plant?
What is the average weight of the loads?
How often will the overhead crane be used at full capacity?
What is the operating environment of the overhead crane?
The power of the overhead crane will also affect the crane price. Is it powered by electricity, hand-powered, or air-powered (pneumatic)?

Operation speed
The faster that the crane needs to operate, the more it will cost to design, source, and configure the individual crane components.

Crane controls
Considerations will have to be made as to how the operator is loading or unloading material. Will the overhead crane be controlled by A radio control, A pendant , or Crane cab?

A severe, obstructed, or dangerous operating environment where the overhead crane will be installed and run, will affect the cost in several different ways.

Environment of high heat, with presence of chemicals or fumes, steam, dust, or excess moisture need special protection to ensure the crane safety and durability.
Obstructions in crane located area needs to be handled in order to install the overhead crane may cause the raise of cost.
Building or Structural Requirements
1) For a new construction building, the overhead crane runway beams will be designed before building construction, and the crane manufacturer will include the runway structure in the quotation process if you required.
2) For an existing building, the costs for the overhead crane design, fabrication, delivery, and installation of the overhead crane’s runway system.
What’s more, if your overhead crane manufacturer or supplier do not provide in-house structural repair services, you will need a structural engineer which may put additional costs at the expenses.

Choose right overhead crane for your application
Due to there are various types of overhead cranes for sale in the market, to select the right overhead crane for you workshop needs more consideration. For a certain application environment, there may be different crane design schemes, choose the most suitable deign will be the most-effective choice.

Other factors affects overhead crane price
Overhead crane reliability
In order to buy crane at good crane price is not the only one decisive factors. Overhead crane reliability is also a decisive factor. An overhead crane is a long term investment of some 10-30 year. A problematic overhead crane will cost you a lot more money in the whole crane working life in terms of repairing and maintaining, which may endanger the safety of overhead crane operator and working staffs, and also may increase the break time of your production.

Manufacturing costs of the overhead crane manufacturers
With different economical background, the production cost of a crane in different countries will different accordingly. (Click to see Secrets of Why Cranes from Chinese Manufacturers are so Cost-effective.)

Volume of crane order
Lower overhead crane prices will be given by the crane manufacturers or suppliers if the order is placed with large quantity.

Competition of certain crane project
Strategic importance to manufacturers of certain crane orders.

What affects your overhead crane price on crane buying
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