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24 sty 2022, 5:02
Beam cranes for sale, single beam cranes and double beam cranes. With various crane beam designs, Dongqi chain hoist offers underhung crane beam design, top running crane beam design, single crane beam and double crane beam sizing accordingly, etc. Get the beam crane at good price now.

Single-beam cranes
Transport of heavy goods can not be a lack of single-beam cranes

Single-beam cranes in the construction of China’s use of more and more widely, the role is also growing. Its main function and the characteristic is realizes the heavy object spatial position change, the transformation site is nimble fast. As a result, a truck crane usually has a lifting device having a rotary, luffing, telescopic, lifting function mounted on a high-speed vehicular chassis or an off-road chassis to realize lifting, mounting and handling functions.

Single-beam crane is characterized by low cost, simple operation; single-beam crane control technology greatly improved the use of comfort, micro-mobility and reliability, and to achieve machine – electric – liquid logic control, its security is also Has been improved, the introduction of single-girder crane produced a great market effect, Which aroused the user’s strong desire and demand for the high-tech of the crane products, and provided a good market platform for the wide use of high-tech in the crane products such as electric proportion technology, computer technology, multi-sensing technology and automatic control.

Single beam crane of Dongqi Hoist and Crane
Single beam crane from Dongqi Hoist and Crane solves your material handling problems with single shot.
single beam crane can take the most of the floor space and mobility, which is typically attached to the existing roof structure – columns to support the crane runway are not needed. The installation of stand-alone steel superstructures makes the single beam crane the ideal solution to be flexible to production requirements.

single beam crane

Single beam crane drawing

Single beam crane as a main type of overhead crane, is an ideal solution for handling materials. Usually single beam crane is regarded as a kind of light duty lifting equipment match with CD1, MD1 type electric hoist. Types of single beam cranes are designed to meet the demands of demands of productivity and safety. The single beam crane is widely used in workshop, warehouse, and yard.

Single beam crane your cost-effective material handling solution
Dongqi single beam crane has the features of maximum rigidity for a minimum deadweight. This could keep the load on the overhead crane runway to a minimum.
The cost effective design would be your optimal choice for material handling.
The single beam crane has the electric hoist as the lifting mechanism with high handling speeds, providing you’re the outstanding geometry, and exceptional travelling characteristics.
High stability and design rigidity, Highly cost-effective, High efficiency and good performance
Single beam cranes of Dongqi Hoist and Crane
FEM underslung single beam crane for sale
Explosion proof single beam crane for sale
Electric hoist single beam crane for sale
Low Headroom single beam crane for sale
Single beam crane European style for sale
Suspension single girderoverhead crane for sale
Features of single beam crane
In order to provide you’re a better efficiency, Dongqi single beam crane has the following features:

The single girder of the overhead crane is made of computer-optimised box sections.
Torsionally rigid end carriages, and weld box-section design.
Cost-effectiveness due to the long service lift of the electric hoist, the lifting system of the single beam crane.
The increased lifting and cross-travel speeds improves the material handling efficiency.
The variable cross-travel speeds enable the single beam crane low-sway during material handling.
Single beam cranes, double beam cranes, various crane beam designs, good beam cranes suppliers
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