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8 mar 2020, 23:31
I am working in IT industry so I am not really professional project management worker. I have read about scale of agile and scrum. The basics of it seem to be understandable. However, I have got a problem with sizes of these projects. Is there any upper limit (number of people in a team, mayby?) before it becomes productive?


9 mar 2020, 8:30
The rule of team size tells that it should be 5-7.
But (from my own experience) larger projects need larger teams (it is not a rule but only my observation and something really basic, I think ;).
Agile is hard, generally. Many of books and texts do not explain everything because each situation requires personal approach.
However, don't discourage yourself! Agile is a great tool in many projects and organizations.


11 mar 2020, 16:02
WE can't say that agile is unfeasible when we are talking about a huge project. It just becomes harder (a lot!).


13 mar 2020, 14:27
There is one type of projects which is really hard to manage it with scrum and more than 15 team workers. It happens when we have got a lot of irrelated tasks and many people who have to work each other almost for all the time.
Then we have to keep them all in one team. Scrum works better where there are few teams.


15 mar 2020, 9:39
You tell only about big teams. There are also smaller ones ;) I would like to mention that I think that less than approximately five people is not really productive for agile.
I was working in a team of 3 people and our meetings were TOO long (6 hours a week! I was devoting only 2 hours for working on the project).
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