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9 mar 2020, 20:12
I am looking for a way to add a general task, which can be done at any free time, even in multiple steps.

you have a team member, scheduled and planned for about 75 percent of the time for development tasks. Btw, you have a lot of documents that needs to be tidy up.
You want to schedule a task for the programmer to file the documents, whenever there is no other task planned for that person.

Is there a way to spread that task in MS Project, whenever there is no other work planned for that person?


10 mar 2020, 0:46
I work with MS Project sometimes and they tend to reject some automatic features. I'm following this style, now and I consider it is less stresfull for everybody :)

Build your plan based on the 80% tasks, review resource utilisation levels and then add in your background tasks manually to bring utilisation up to 100%.
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