Dealing with customer expectations and needs - Project Management - Theory and Practice



21 lis 2019, 13:05
I am a pm now and the most troubling for me is a question: how to manage customer's needs and expectations?
Unfortunately, I have to face with the situation when my customer has got expectations which are too high (and not realistic at all!). How can I tell him that the result will not be as good as he think?


22 lis 2019, 6:27
Customer expectation is really hard subject. There are no simple answers.
You have to see how your company or manager makes promises. That is usually one of the reasons of high expectations of your clients.
Here we can talk about direct and indirect promises. Firstly, we make for all the time (oral or written ones). Secondly - no special form of it - so we can't control it - I suppose that is your problem.

So if you want to keep your customer expectation, remember about calculating realistic times of each task, stage; supplies which are required, commitments and everything what is a part o a project.


24 lis 2019, 0:57
Customers always have high expectations ;) They usually give you their own money. Due to this they want to gain from the project as much as they can. That is completely understandable.


24 lis 2019, 8:10
You haven't told us in which phase of your project you are. However I can suppose that it is an implementation.
I can advice you to meet with your customer regulary (e.g. once in a week) to tell about your activities, task, problems... Then your customer see what you are doing at the moment. He or she can also see that something could fail - and it doesn't have to be your fault.
Then the project is real for your customer - he or she will know what he or she can expect.
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