Project Post Mortem's - Project Management - Theory and Practice



7 maj 2020, 11:44
To take advanatage and provide feedback on lessons learned during course of a software project I would like to institure Project Post Mortem's at the end of each project.

If any of you have templates or outlines of what exactly should occur during a post mortem, as in: documentation of results, who should be invited, scope, questions to be asked, agenda of the meeteing (structure)

I would really appreciate your comments.


9 maj 2020, 16:46
I recently saw an article that suggested doing the post mortem at the end of each phase, as well as at the end of project. But in my opinion, there is no time to do that then...


11 maj 2020, 13:44
Michael Earl of Templeton College cites the need for two types of Post mortem which I agree with.

1. A process review which examines the project processes to establish what can be done better next time. This review can be done soon after the project has finished. Production of the report could be part of project closing.

2. A product review which establishes if the project achieved its stated benefits. This review may need to be done some time after project closing. It can allow benefits to become visible and measurable. Tis type is great to improve motivation and good mood of a team ;)


12 maj 2020, 9:22
A good link with lots of specific questions for a post mortem is
Program do zarządzania projektami,
zespołem i dokumentami on-line!