project closing - Project Management - Theory and Practice



26 sty 2020, 7:06
Have you ever done a list of things which have to be done while a project is closing?
e.g. check schedules and expenses variance etc


29 sty 2020, 19:54
Thank you for your your answer.
What is more, I usually look at the Quality Control aspects. How do you measure customer satisafction and opinions.


29 sty 2020, 22:06
Compiling some form of project team opinions and lessons learnt can be achieved, in part, by asking members of the project team to put together an objective, brief review of their views on the project - where things worked, where things didn't.

Depending on the size of the project team, there might be usual observations or recommendations.
Getting input from across the team - rather than just the project management end - it will help to improve project management "Best Practice" for future projects - useful for customers, work team, company or project manager.

It's just another one of those iterative cycles of continuous improvement.
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