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6 gru 2019, 14:23
I manage a team of few people on a technical software development project. This is a new project, only a few weeks, and we have got some personal integration problems...

That's why I ask you for some suggestions for any team building exercises that we can do in our team meetings. It should be fun, get to know each other types of exercises that help relieve the tension so we can get back to dealing with the project!

Thank you so much :)


6 gru 2019, 15:56
If the team is big, bring all them to a bigger space.
You can ask people to pick pairs or threes and write on a big sheet of paper about the other person in the same group. Then, the people who wrote or the observed, will talk to the rest of the components of the team about the people wich they wrote about.

It´s fun, and "break the ice"!


7 gru 2019, 9:21
One of the best team exercises I can remember was to get each person to write 3 things about themselves that none of the team would know. This is usually done on flip charts or another big pieces of paper.
Once the team returns they all have to guess who the team menber is by looking at the evidence.
Its possible to find out quite a lot about people in this exercise.

And its funny too.
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