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29 sty 2020, 22:08
I've already begun working with prince2 and I can't understand how to project board roles should be applied to a software environment. For instance new client asks for a software, my company is a software house and will provide the solution. I cannot figure the "real" roles: executive = software house CIO/boss, supplier = development dept. senior engineer , user = the customer? I am confused a little about how to apply the project board roles to this environment. That is why I have noticed that the PRINCE2 considers the project as developed in my client's environment, with an internal customer project manager

Thank you in advance


30 sty 2020, 15:55

In my opinion, prince2 to is not normative with roles that must be impemented and there is no reason why you cannot define your own roles on the basis of prince2.
Why do you think that?
Best wishes


31 sty 2020, 7:23
I shouldn't use Prince2 as a tool which tells you how to organise your project very well.
You have to do that youself. You must find out who is able to add any value by being on your project board. That's why you need to have a great experience in these topics (or someone else has to have it).

Having worked out what roles your project needs and who will fulfil them then name the role to conform to Prince2 as far as possible, but don't be afraid to invent a new role and role title if it would help your project.

To sum up, prince2 is something which should help you - do not confuse you.
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