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19 gru 2018, 8:29
Replica Hermes Handbags have an unparalleled cumbersome work. Hermès owns about 500 craftsmen. Every part of the bag making is done by hand, and the quality management is very strict. Each craftsman can make no more than two handbags in one week, and only use French production. Linen rope. All materials such as insiders, screws, buckles, etc. will record the number of the craftsman and the time of production, because the craftsman will make a one-on-one special service for the maintenance and all maintenance problems of the bag.

It is this fine and cumbersome handcraft that makes every Hermes leather bag unique in the world.

Both the Kelly bag and the Birkin bag are classics from Hermès, but the two bags are very similar in appearance and are often confused. In fact, there is one easiest way to distinguish between the two bags: look at the handle of the bag, the Birkin bag. It is a double handle, while kelly is a single handle.

If you look closely at the materials of these two bags, the Kelly bag will use a stronger material and a more dignified shape; while Birkin prefers softness and casualness, it is more suitable for everyday life.

The reason why Kelly and Replica Hermes Birkin Handbags are so popular is that the rich are also rushing because it has been too popular since the 1980s, but the craftsman's production capacity is limited, and the global custom-made way, the average order, need to wait for two Year's time.

Stars out of the street love Hermes, Victoria Beckham is definitely a fanatic follower of the Kelly bag. This red HermèsKelly35 handbag has a high rate of appearance in her street shooting, and the atmosphere is full of red, no matter the traditional suit, or the popular one-piece, it shows the fashion atmosphere of the hot mom.

In addition to Victoria, TeamKelly also has a representative figure, Chiara Ferragni, the Italian fashion blogger known as "The Universe Blogger." She carries a Fake Hermes Kelly Bag of different colors and sizes to capture the style of the street.


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