How to fix the issue of Telus email not working on iPhone? - Zarządzanie projektami - teoria i praktyka



1 cze 2019, 11:23
It could be shocking when you find out that even if the account information is correct, you are still not able to send or receive Telus emails from your iPhone. If this issue is bothering you, here are the steps that you can perform to solve the issue.
• Configure the IMAP and SMTP settings.
• Click on Settings>Tap on Mail>Select Telus mail.
• Select SMTP>Primary server> SMTP Server name.
• Remove your username and password and tap on Done.
• It will update the account information.
• You can also delete the account and add it once again.
If you come across any issue while performing the steps, then do reach out to Telus email customer care number and get your issues resolved.

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